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some kind of vidya titty monster
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Sounds like the name of a crappy iphone game but I guess time will tell if undead mayans will return for our delicious, living blood.



I've been on an indie game binge lately.

Bastion - What a great little game. It isn't very long but it is long enough to satisfy you with it's art, story, music and gameplay. It pretty much covers all the bases needed of a good vidya gaem. Also, dat last part with Zulf......;_;

Cave Story - Iono why I hadn't played this earlier but this was certainly enjoyable. The music is so cute and while the gameplay can be quite challenging sometimes, it's challenging in a 'Metal Slug' kinda way as opposed to 'Contra-rip-your-kidney-stones-out-and-continually-force-feed-them-to-you-over-and-over' way. Needless to say in my first play through I got the shit, mediocre ending.......Curly....;_;

Recettear - This image pretty much sums up my experience with this game… . I was expecting it to be all cute and no substance but by the end of it I was covered in substance and up to my neck in cute. The story is basically about some deadbeat dad running up a huge debt from a jew fairy finance company and takes off, leaving his darling cuteness daughter to look after the bill or starve and die. One such jew fairy gives you a chance to turn the house into an item shop and pay back your debt or repossess your house and harvest your organs. Running an item store sounds pretty dull but it actually brings out the inner problem gambler in you (is that a good thing...?). You can also go dungeon crawling which is fun but a little too grindy later on. Overall it's fun, funny, and OH GAWD THE CUTE ITS TOO MUCH HNNNGHH. Recette is my new Waha :bounce:. This image just breaks my goddamn heart and brings me to tears...I can't bear the thought of my little ball of cuteness living in a cardboard box and eating catfood.....;_;

Alice: Madness Returns - Finally got around to finishing this. While the art direction is great and the story is kinda cool it was very repetitive. The game ended up being a chore to finish. Still, some may find it fun to play as a more disturbed, victorian era X-23.


Tokyo Godfathers - Awesome little adventure story set in Tokyo. Engaging story and animation.

MI4 - I still can't get that awful MI2 aftertaste out of my mouth but this movie was at least the mouthwash to help with the unpleasantness.

Also, I'm calling it now - Bane will suck in the Dark Knight Rises. I saw the DKR prologue from the start of MI4 and I wasn't impressed. Even though past villans have looked different or acted out of character, there is still some semblance between them and their comic book counterparts. Nothing about Nolan-Bane says anything about comic book Bane. I'm hoping I'm wrong when the time comes, but I got a bad feeling about this one. And Catwoman MAY suck too but there's not enough of anything about her to judge for the time being.

CAPITALISM, HO! :bounce:
  • Listening to: Bastion OST
  • Playing: as a cute capitalist pig
  • Eating: Slime
  • Drinking: Fire Water

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Luckmann Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2011
Love so much of your work I thought I'd leave a comment here instead of each and every one I fav'd. Great stuff. :D
IronShrineMaiden Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2011
Glad you liek. :bounce:
Avisch Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2011
Why are all the cool people in Hokkaido.
themaindude Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2011
your pieces are filled with ART! THEY ARE SO GOOD! YOU ARE AMAZE! (like the spelling on that one? [: )
tyciol Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So I was wondering, where are Mortal Waifu 1-8?
ILikePenguinsALot Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2011
Do you still have the pred penguin picture by any chance? I'm pretty sure it got wiped out of existence from sup/tg/.

IronShrineMaiden Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2011
Yes I've still got it stored on my comp.
ILikePenguinsALot Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2011
Omg you should totally re-upload it or something :D
Rocketfist14 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2011
Hi again, you may know me for asking about Lofn quite a while ago, and you may get tired of repeating yourself or find me annoying, but I was wondering if there was any luck in finding the original creater of Lofn, I'm creating a fanfiction bout warhammer 40k and I can't find ANY LEADS to it...

Please let me know if you anything about it. I know Lofn isn't yours but I'm stumped about it ....
IronShrineMaiden Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011
It was just some random anon from /tg/.
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